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About Book

The Story Behind the Story

How can a rambunctious rescue pup named Dewey teach you new leadership tricks? No, this isn't your typical, boring management book! It's a quick and fun read about a young manager who learns to effectively lead her team in today's fast-paced and rapidly changing environment while simultaneously training a new rescue pup. Partly autobiographical, partly fiction, this fable provides key insights into the connection between communication and behavior-for furry friends and humans alike.

Throughout our leadership careers, we've frequently marveled at similarities in motivation and performance outcomes based on analogous techniques with team members, children, and dogs. After all, we share common motivators: praise, attention, rewards and caring relationships.

A quick read with lasting, immediately-applicable insights, this book will have you recognizing behaviors in your employees, children, and pets, empowering you to skillfully handle challenging situations in your professional and personal life.