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Praise For Management Unleashed

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  • By Irene Fick

    "Thanks again for writing this book — your examples were very clever! And I loved the headings -Paws for Reflection - great!"

  • By Scott Wisman

    "I really enjoyed this book. Being both a dog owner and managing a team of people, I can truly relate to the situations presented. I thought the book was an easy read with straight forward solutions to everyday problems that occur, in both the workplace as well as the canine world. Strong communication skills is one of the most important attributes to being a respected & highly effective team manager ... and the same holds true in training a well-behaved dog."

  • By George Hanson

    "A fun yet practical read with important leadership strategies shared through the lens of a dog- loving owner and accomplished professional."

  • By Steve Montgomery

    "While this book is titled Management Unleashed, it's more of a leadership lesson and truly hits home on so many points we'd never consider in our daily lives. Many times we overlook the simple lessons; this book delivers just that in showing how simply training your dog can carry over into life lessons on leadership, taking control, confidence, teaching, and managing people to accomplish a common goal. It was enjoyable and a book that was hard to put down as you want to keep reading since it's very easy to see your daily life represented by the characters within the story."

  • By G.M. (Bud) Benscoter, PhD

    "With all the books on the market today that focus on the latest and greatest management theory, it's refreshing to find one that brings us back to what makes a successful manager. Management Unleashed shows, in an engaging way, how some of the practices used to train our dogs are based on the same principles that make for successful managers. A easy and eye-opening read that is valuable for new and experienced managers alike."

  • By Sarah Curtis, DVM

    "I really enjoyed the concept of this book! Not only is it a fun read, but it contains very helpful information for dog owners and managers alike."

  • By M. William (Bill) Lower

    "Hanson and Cameron have creatively adapted an array of canine learnings to effective organizational management."

  • By Laura Barton, Esq.

    "This book makes a difficult reality, managing coworkers through a deadline, more bite-size by relating it to more familiar territory, such as navigating relationships with friends or pets. I learned that the same practices that make someone a faithful friend or a caring pet owner - actively listening, regularly investing time, and clearly communicating expectations - are the same qualities that lay the foundation for effective leadership."