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From The Book

Leadership Principles I Learned From My Dog

Below is a sample of some of the leadership principles our main character, Marti, learns and applies. We hope that you will do the same.

Communication: They Have to Know What You Expect

Unclear expectations lead to confusion, frustration, insecurity and mistakes.
Honest communication builds the foundation for trust.

Building Sound Relationships: They've Got to Know You're Trustworthy

Earn their trust and loyalty will follow.
Without trust you can't build a positive, long-lasting relationship.

Leadership: Be a Master First, a Friend Second

Earn their respect. Lead by your actions.
Establish yourself as top dog; be the leader of the pack.

Feedback, Rewards and Motivation: We’re all Motivated by a Pat on the Head

Use sincere praise as a motivator.
Reinforce your expectations. Provide constructive, timely feedback.
Constructive feedback improves performance and it doesn't cost a dime.
Connect a reward with specific behavior.

Empowered and Grooming: Unleashing Their Full Potential

Use sincere praise as a motivator.
Empowerment enables the freedom to think better and contribute creatively.
Remove obstacles to empowerment.